Tom Atkins

Tom Atkins
Point Guard
Current Team
Past Teams
Spring 2024, Summer 2023

Also known as “Tom Ball” for his smooth play and crafty flair. With buttery-smooth handles, he weaves through defenders effortlessly, leaving them in the dust. Tom’s agility and underrated hops make him a threat on any drive to the rim. But watch closely, because he has a knack for turning a simple layup into a jaw-dropping display of finesse, much to the amusement (and sometimes frustration) of his teammates. His court vision is unparalleled, always seeking out his fellow players with precision passes. Yet, at times, he might be a bit too eager to set up his teammates, leaving them with unexpected passes that even catch them off guard. Regardless, Tom’s quick feet and uncanny ability to create scoring opportunities make him a mesmerizing playmaker. Get ready for some basketball artistry when Tom takes the stage, dazzling us with his moves and leaving us in awe of his playmaking skills!

Friday Night Lights

EYBL ELITE 14u13401930003.01905.

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