Taha Doha

Taha Doha
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Spring 2024, Summer 2023

Taha possesses an unexpected array of skills. With underrated dribbling, he maneuvers around defenders with surprising finesse for a big man. His shot may be streaky, but when he catches fire, he can rain down buckets from beyond the arc. Taha’s physicality allows him to power through opponents, forcing layups at will. But that’s not all that sets him apart; Taha’s vocal presence on the court is unmistakable. Confident in his play-calling abilities, he’s not afraid to voice his opinions, sometimes leading to moments of frustration among his teammates. Despite the occasional disagreements, there’s no denying Taha’s impact on the game. He’s a big man with a diverse skill set and an assertive presence, making him a force to be reckoned with on the court. Get ready for some surprising moves and passionate play whenever Taha steps onto the hardwood!

Reigning season 1 champion (Hyderabad House), Taha looks to bring his new team C.B.G to the glory land! Will he be able to will this new team to victory or will season 1 victory be the only championship in his profile? Only time will tell.

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