Richie Noparstak

Richie Noparstak
Current Team
Spring 2024, Summer 2023

Don’t let his height fool you; this scrappy player is all heart and determination. Richie fearlessly takes on larger opponents, using his hustle and body control to match up toe to toe. When it comes to doing the dirty work, he’s a magician, leaving no loose ball unclaimed and no defensive challenge unmet. But it’s his drive to the rim that truly sets him apart. Unstoppable and relentless, Richie barrels through defenses like a freight train, undeterred by any obstacle in his path. He might not be the tallest on the court, but his fiery spirit and relentless energy make him a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye on Richie as he leaves it all on the court, diving for loose balls, hustling on defense, and driving to the rim with unwavering determination. With him on the team, victory is within reach, and his tenacity is an inspiration to all who play alongside him.

Reigning MVP, Finals MVP and season 1 champ (Hyderabad House), Richie put the league on notice and now has a target on his back. He is starting up with the core of the old squad under “Goon Squad” to run and defend the title. Can the former MVP will his team to victory or will the pressure be too much to handle? Only time will tell.

Friday Night Lights

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