Wajahat Khan

Wajahat Khan
Point Guard
Current Team
Past Teams
Spring 2024, Summer 2023

Starting his rookie season, Wajahat looks to make a name for himself within the big league.
His biggest fear is being overthrown by his younger brother. The first thing he learned as a child was to float in water. This skill transfered over to basketball as he can only shoot floaters. Challenging any of his calls will wake the beast from within.  Some might even fear for the refs when it comes to foul calls. In his mind he is Steph Curry, but in reality he can have a very Andre Roberson effect. Known for his aggressive defense and a strong drive to the rim, we will see if his skills translate to league success.

As the reigning champ (Hyderabad House), Wajahat, has been collecting rings on and off the court. He is used to the spotlight but is he getting too comfortable? Re-joining he championship team, will they be able to defend the title? Only time will tell.

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